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HPE0-S51 dumps 2018 - Download Free Questions and Answers PDF

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A customer needs to simplify their network by creating a single virtual networking device.
Which HPE solution satisfies the customer's needs?

A. FlexNetwork
B. Aruba Airwave
C. OpenFlow
D. Intelligent Resilient Framework

Answer: D

You are troubleshooting HPE ProLiant servers for a customer. The customer has granted you read-only access to HPE OneView. You need to download the audit log from OneView.
Which permission level should the customer give you?

A. Server administrator
B. Network administrator
C. Backup administrator
D. Infrastructure administrator

Answer: A

Match each workload profile description with the corresponding profile.

Answer: <map><m x1="6" x2="91" y1="18" y2="33" ss="0" a="0" /><m x1="9" x2="140" y1="36" y2="57" ss="0" a="0" /><m x1="9" x2="150" y1="58" y2="77" ss="0" a="0" /><m x1="236" x2="413" y1="20" y2="36" ss="1" a="0" /><m x1="234" x2="411" y1="40" y2="56" ss="1" a="0" /><m x1="236" x2="412" y1="59" y2="77" ss="1" a="0" /><c start="0" stop="1" /><c start="1" stop="2" /><c start="2" stop="0" /></map>

Missing Critical = Large number of database operations
Transactional Application Processing = Trades performance for reliability
General Peak Frequency Compute = Maximize processor speed

A customer has implemented an HPE ProLiant server with internal storage and needs to monitor the array health status.
Which management application can the customer use to discover errors quickly and minimize the possible downtime?

A. Smart Storage Administrator
B. Insight Online
C. InfoSight
D. Intelligent Management Center

Answer: C

You plan to perform maintenance on several systems in a rack. You need to ensure that the rack does not tip when you are working on the equipment.
What should you use?

A. stabilizer kit
B. adjustable depth frame
C. lockable casters
D. leveling feet

Answer: D

You are creating an internal array on an HPE ProLiant server.
What can you do to maximize the storage space efficiency?

A. Populate drive bays with the largest-capacity drive first.
B. Install drives that have the same capacity.
C. Match the device numbers for the drives with their bay numbers.
D. Populate drive bays with the smallest-capacity drive first.

Answer: B

A customer has an application that consumes 500 GB storage and requires an RTO and RPO of 15 minutes.
Which backup and recovery technology enables the customer to meet their requirements in the most cost effective manner?

A. remote storage replication
B. offsite tape backup
C. disk-to-disk appliance
D. log shipping
Answer: B

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