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New C9530-001 Exam Questions, Pass IBM C9530-001 Dumps Pdf

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How does IBM Integration Bus allow for the debugging of Pattern Projects?

A. Create a run configuration in eclipse since there is no default support in the Pattern Editor.
B. The Pattern Project is deployed to the Integration Server similar to any application and debugged from the server.
C. The Debug Pattern support in the Pattern Editor builds and launches the pattern plugin in a new Toolkit instance and stops at any breakpoints in the Java code.
D. The eclipse Run Configuration support is incompatible with the Pattern Project. The only way to test the project is to generate the plugin and install it in a separate installation of the Toolkit in a different node.

Answer: B

Note: The Visual Flow Debugger is implemented as an extension to the Eclipse Java debugger, so this means that if you step into a Java Compute Node, and you have the source available in your workspace you can use all the facilities of the Java debugger including viewing the content of variables during message flow execution.


Several applications in an organization use a common Java library, commom.jar. Two applications App1 and App2 have their own shared libraries shlib1.jar and shlib2.jar that reference common.jar. Which deployment method allows for the most reuse of the Java Library?

A. Deploy all the jar files as static libraries.
B. Deploy all the jar files as part of the applications.
C. common.jar deployed as a shared library along with the shlib1.jar and shlib2.jar as shared libraries.
D. shlib1.jar and shlib2.jar must now be deployed as static libraries and common.jar as a shared library.

Answer: D

Consider a scenario when you want to develop a set of common resources and make them available to multiple applications.

If you want to deploy and manage just one copy of those common resources, use a shared library. A shared library can be deployed directly to an integration server. Any application can reference the resources in that deployed shared library. If that shared library is updated, the changes are immediately visible to all referencing applications.

If you want each application to use a different version of the contained resource, use a static library. Each application that references that static library is deployed with its own private copy of that library. If a static library is updated, each application that references it must be repackaged and redeployed with the updated static library.


In order for a MQEndpoint policy to use a CCDT file, what must be done in addition to setting the ccdt property?

A. Create a configurable service to specify the CCDT file path.
B. Run the mqsichangepolicy command to specify the CCDT file path.
C. Run the mqsichangeproperties command to specify the CCDT file path.
D. Set the CCDT file path as a BAR file override in any BAR file that uses the MQEndpoint policy.

Answer: C

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