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HPE2-E69 Practice Questions Answers 2018

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Which type of information should you be looking for when asking customers about their business strategies?

A. metrics they have used to measure the ROl of previous initiatives
B. measurements that help improve business processes
C. policies and plans they have made to meet their financial goals
D. actions they have taken to increase their market share

Answer: B


How does artificial intelligence help businesses get the most out of their loT implementations?

A. It enables them to archive the vast amounts of data collected by the loT devices.
B. It enables them to enhance the security for data collected by the devices.
C. It provides a mechanism to change their business priorities on the fly.
D. It gives them real-time insights into loT data to improve their business outcomes.

Answer: D


What is one of the most effective ways to start a discovery conversation with a customer?

A. Discuss the HPE solutions that you think are best suited for this type of customer.
B. Ask about the company's priorities and strategies and listen to determine issues and obstacles.
C. Establish trust by describing the distinguished history of innovation at HPE.
D. Tell them about one of your recent sales wins to demonstrate your ability to handle this deal.

Answer: B


Which words can you use to help customers see the benefits of hybrid IT?

A. elastic and agile
B. Manual and customized
C. one-size-fits-all
D. deliberate and intricate

Answer: A

Which acquisition adds advanced data management capabilities for hyperconverged data centers?

A. Aruba
B. Niara
C. SimpliVity
D. Cloud Cruiser

Answer: C


What is one trend that drives the need for HPE Intelligent Edge solutions?

A. a more cautious approach to as-a-service solutions
B. the need to shift from a CAPEX to an OPEX funding model.
C. demands for more rapid provisioning of applications.
D. a workforce that is much more mobile and collaborative.

Answer: D


Which question can you ask to identify an opportunity for selling an HPE intelligent Workspace solution?

A. Can you tell me your plan for implementation IoT?
B. Have you considered using context and location-based services to track your customer?
C. Do you have concerns about employee productivity and collaboration?
D. What steps are you taking to keep your network secure?

Answer: C


A customer wants to keep workloads on-premises but also likes the public cloud model of paying for just the IT resources they consume, What customer needs?

A. HPE Flexible Capacity
B. HPE hyperconverged infrastructure
C. HPE Synergy
D. HPE Machine

Answer: A


What is one way that HPE is preparing to help customers for a data-driven future?

A. creating the industry's most comprehensive network of cloud storage providers
B. moving all analytics from the edge to the core where decisions can be made more quickly
C. developing in-memory computing that can analyze data at much greater speeds
D. focusing research efforts on faster processors to meet the needs of future apps

Answer: C


What is one distinguishing feature of Aruba solutions for retail customers?

A. Aruba ClearPass simplifies the deployment of access points (APs) at small branch sites such as retail
B. Aruba unified communications (UC) solutions provide a cost-effective, but feature-rich alternative to
Microsoft Skype for Business.
C. Aruba high performance computing (HPC) solutions are cost-effective enough for retailers to use at the
network edge.
D. Aruba Location Services help retailers engage with their customers with wayfinding tools and contextbased noti-fications.

Answer: D


What is one unique benefit of an HPE hosted solution?

A. The HPE solution uses a hypervisor to host several virtual machines on the same hardware.
B. HPE optimizes for price over performance because that is what customers need today.
C. The HPE solution is powered by industry-leading high performance computing (HPC) at the core.
D. HPE can provide a tested, converged solution from the data center to the edge.

Answer: D


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