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MB2-716 Exam Test Questions MB2-716 PDF Answers 2018

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For which of the following scenarios can you delete an entity?

A. The entity is part of a managed solution and no other items are
B.  The entity is system-defined and no other items are dependent
C. The entity is part of an unmanaged solution and another unmanaged
D. The entity is custom and uses a system-defined global option set.

Answer: A     


You plan to delete a custom entity from an unmanaged solution. Which of the following statements is true?

A. You must delete the solution that contains the entity.
B. You can only delete the entity from managed solutions.
C. You must delete all records related to the entity from the database.
D. You must remove any dependencies with other objects.

Answer:   D  


You plan to entity mapping to replicate data from a text field between two related entities.
For which scenario can you replicate data?

A. The target field is already mapped to a different source field.
B. The length of the source field is smaller than the destination field
C. The two entities are in a N:N relationship.
D. The new record is created and then related to the parent record

Answer:  B   


Your company rents tools and machines to customers. You create a custom entity named Equipment to track the tools and machines.
You need to show the hierarchical relationships between various pieces of equipment. How should you configure the relationship?

A. Ensure that you enable Connections for the entity.
B. Set up a parental 1:N relationship between Accounts and Equipment.
C. Create a self-referential relationship and configure hierarchy settings.
D. Set up a N:N relationship between Accounts and Equipment.

Answer:   C  


You need to create a hyperlink field to capture the URL for a contact's Linkedln profile.
Which data type should you use for the field?

A. single line of text
B. web
D. text area

Answer:  A   


A group of users must be able to associate a time zone with a record.
You need to implement the required functionality by using native Microsoft Dynamics 365 features.
Which field type should you use?

A. option set
B. multiple lines of text
C. whole number
D. lookup

Answer: C 


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