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HPE6-A41 dumps 2018 - Download Free Questions and Answers PDF

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A network administrator configures OSPF in a network with ArubaOS switches. The administrator is concerned that a rogue device might connect to an access layer switch and introduce OSPF routes to the company’s routing topology. The access VLANs do not contain additional routers.

What should the administrator do so switches do not form an adjacency with rogue devices on the access VLANs?

A. Implement BPDU filtering on interfaces assigned to these VLANs.
B. Configure the VLANs as passive OSPF interfaces.
C. Configure the interfaces with the highest OSPF DR priority.
D. Apply outbound routing policies to filter routes on the VLANs.

Answer: B

A network administrator has copied new software to an ArubaOS switch and placed this software in the secondary flash location. The switch is currently booting from the primary location. The administrator wants the switch to start using the new software.

What should the administrator do to accomplish this?

A. Reboot the switch, which automatically causes the switch to use the newer software.
B. Execute the command to boot the system from the secondary flash.
C. Rename the secondary software as the primary software.
D. Copy the secondary software to the primary software slot.

Answer: B

Which security benefit does SNMPv3 offer that SNMPv2 does not offer?

A. SSL encryption
B. Scopes
C. Data integrity
D. RADIUS groups

Answer: A

The network administrator wants to know which device, type, and manufacturer is connected to port 10 on an Aruba 3810 switch.

Which command could provide this information?

A. show interface 10
B. show mac-address 10
C. show lacp peer 10
D. show lldp remote-device 10

Answer: D

Which benefit does Aruba Clarity in Aruba AirWave provide?

A. It provides an easily searchable network topology that includes physical wired, physical wireless, and virtual network infrastructure devices.
B. It helps managers use the AirWave Management Platform (AMP) with its context-specific help and links to additional resources.
C. It enables managers to view all configuration templates for APs, and switches from a single dashboard.
D. It provides at-a-glance views of issues such as DHCP request and 802.1X authentication failures to aid in troubleshooting.

Answer: A

A Virtual Switching Framework (VSF) fabric currently has two members and two physical 10GbE links in its VSF link.

Which administrative task can a network administrator perform on this VSF fabric when both members are online?

A. Remove a VSF member.
B. Add a new 40GbE link to the VSF link.
C. Remove one of the physical links in the VSF link.
D. Change the VSF link to use 40GbE links instead of 10GbE links.

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.

Based on the topology shown in the exhibit, which symptom does a network administrator see if the ArubaOS switches are in their factory default states?

A. Ports places in a blocking state
B. Mislearned MAC addresses
C. TTL expired in transit
D. Layer 3 loop

Answer: D


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