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[15/March/2018] 2V0-622 Exam Questions For Free Download

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When upgrading a VMware vSAN cluster to version 6.5, which two tasks must be completed to comply with upgrade requirements and VMware-recommended best practices? (Choose two.)

A. Use RVC to upgrade the hosts.
B. Use the latest available ESXi version.
C. Back up all VMs.
D. Use only the “Full data migration” maintenance mode option.

Answer: A,B

What two enhancements are in VMFS6 but not in VMFS5? (Choose two.)

A. Support for 4k native disks
B. Support for 512e disks
C. GPT storage device partitioning
D. Automatic space reclamation

Answer: A,D

Group A has permission to download files in Content Library.
Group B does not have permission to download files in Content Library.

If a user is a member of both groups, what will be the result?

A. The user cannot download file from Content Library.
B. The user can download file from Content Library.
C. The user cannot access Content Library.
D. The user can access Content Library.

Answer: B

An administrator is trying to set up Host Partial Failure Response, but the Automated option is grayed out.

What can the administrator change to enable the Automated option?

A. Change the vSphere DRS Automation level to Partially Automated.
B. Change the vSphere DRS Automation level to Fully Automated.
C. Enable vSphere HA Host Monitoring.
D. Change the vSphere DPM Automation level to Automatic.

Answer: C

When you attempt to open a virtual machine console from the vSphere Web Client, the console does not connect. The following error message appears:

Problem accessin/.Reason:
Not Found

Why did not connect?

A. Port 443 is in use.
B. Port 9443 is in use.
C. Port 8443 is in use.
D. Port 22443 is in use.

Answer: B

Another program or process is using port 9443, the default port used by the HTML5 virtual machine console.

Which two statements describe why a vSphere DRS cluster would report load imbalance? (Choose two.)

A. The configured migration threshold is too high.
B. The configured migration threshold is too low.
C. DRS is configured for Partially Automated.
D. Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC) is enabled.

Answer: A,C

What new feature was introduced to the Content Library in vSphere 6.5?

A. Mount an ISO directly from the Content Library.
B. Deploy a virtual machine from an OVF Package in a Content Library.
C. Upload a File from a URL to a Library Item.
D. Upload a File from a Local System to a Library Item.

Answer: A

WMware vSphere 6.5 enhances the Content Library with three new options: mount an ISO from the content library, update existing templates and apply guest OS customization specifications during a VM deployment. These new features help plug holes in and expand other capabilities introduced in the original version.

The first of these capabilities -- mounting an ISO from the Content Library is useful because it eliminates the need to store ISO images on a data store but keeps the images readily accessible.


How can an administrator exclude Encryption rights from a support engineer?

A. Clone the role Virtual machine power user, remove Cryptographic operations privileges.
B. Clone the role Administrator and assign to the support engineer.
C. Clone the role Virtual machine power user and assign to the support engineer.
D. Clone the role No cryptography administrator and select privileges only for the support engineer.

Answer: D

A vSphere Administrator must ensure that vCenter Server service is running in a domain user account rather than Local System Account.

To accomplish this, the user account should have which two permissions? (Choose two.)

A. Log on as a service.
B. Act as part of the operating system.
C. Log on as a batch job.
D. Log on locally.

Answer: A,B

On each system that is running vCenter Server, verify that the domain user account has these permissions:

The administrator must back up a vCenter HA deployment.

Which component must be backed up?

A. Passive node
B. Witness node
C. External database
D. Active node

Answer: D

When taking backups, avoid backing up the Passive and Witness nodes. Just take a backup of the Active node. When restoring an Active node, you must remove all the cluster configuration, restore and re-create the HA cluster.

A virtual machine fails to power on after being deployed from a template.

What two remediation steps could correct this issue? (Choose two.)

A. Increase CPU reservation
B. Decrease memory reservation
C. Increase memory reservation
D. Increase datastore capacity
E. Decrease CPU reservation

Answer: C,D

Which three directories are available under the vcsa-cli-installer folder of the vCenter
ServerAppliance installation media? (Choose three.)

A. \mac
B. \ovftool
C. \migration-assistant
D. \win32
E. \lin64

Answer: A,D,E

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